Your 2022 CCMSA membership will expire on Dec 31, 2022/2023 Individual & Family membership form available now:


2022 CCMSA Wrangler Info Click here for information regarding the 2021 wrangler categories and info on each category 2022 WRANGLER MEMBERSHIP WAIVER Click Here for the waiver. Fill out this form and include it when submitting memberships for the form

Cowboy Mounted Shooters Guidelines from the CFO: Safety is our most important priority and everyone's responsibility.  All members are to read this document from the RCMP HERE.

Membership Notes:

1. REMINDER  - If you plan to attend a PRACTICE, JACKPOT,  CLINIC or COMPETITION in Canada on or after Jan 1 2022 we must receive your signed membership form and full payment prior.

2. Our 2022 fees for the "Individual Membership" and " Family Membership" has not increased. (Family memberships consist of 2 adults and any number of children under the age of 18 residing in the same home)

3.  A 2021/2022 AEF Alberta Equestrian Federation membership is also required when you join CCMSA This is a requirement of our insurance company CAPRI.

4. Wranglers!!!

 Wrangler membership categories with CCMSA have been revised to 3 groups. We mirror CMSA USA Wranglers rules the best we can but must also abide by Canadian Laws.


6. CMSA - Our club is affiliated with the CMSA in the USA . To purchase your CMSA membership please purchase direct:

CMSA Membership

CMSA Homepage info:

7. If you would like to have your arena approved click here for more information



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