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Published by Lynn Scott

I have been horse crazy all my life. And I have always loved to spend lots of time outside. By the time I got a horse at 13 I had a roan cow (who did her best to pretend she was a horse) that I could ride at the walk, trot and canter and I was starting to try to teach her to jump. But the day that Lightning and her filly Echo moved into our yard riding the roan cow ended. Echo showed me the freedom that riding a horse can provide. Although we never had any lessons or even parents setting many limits (or perhaps because of this) we soon were galloping bareback up and down the coulees and learning to love our magnificent steeds. Together with my husband David I have raised a few baby horses every year for almost 40 years now. I have showed a wee bit and trail rode a wee bit and for the wonderful years we have had here on the Moose Creek using our horses to ride pastures and check cows I will always be grateful. It was the perfect place to raise our family. I still ride, still raise a couple of babies every year, still love my webwork, still love my life. Buzz and I were trying to warm up with a lively gallop across the pastures one morning and I couldn't help but feel sorry for anyone who never got to feel the thrill of having those 4 powerful legs and that big heart and lungs to call their own for a few moments. Did I mention that with the birth of every foal I secretly hope for a Pegasus? The crazy horse lady?

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