March 2017  Presidents Message

With spring right around the corner here in Alberta,   we would like call your attention to some important club updates:

1)2016 October AGM:

The AGM was held Oct  29th in Red Deer.  10 of the 10 board members were present and a thank you to the 20 additional club members came out to support the club and strive to grow and improve.  Please find attached the AGM minutes from October 29th HERE

2) CCMSA Board of Directors Update:

Directors Changes: We are sad to see Blair and Myrna Anderson roll off the board. Both individuls have made wonderful contributions to this sport and our club with their time and energy. Our newest directors are Julie Saretsky, Doug Wickham and Denise Feenstra

Please see the CCMSA website “Contact us” tab for contact information.

 3) Updated Wrangler membership classifications with CCMSA:

The  CCMSA Wrangler Committee has  updated the the Wranglers membership in to 3 classifications. This is to improve cohesiveness with the CMSA USA Wrangler points tracking system and to still abide by our differing Canadian Firearms Laws. Our goal is to train and prepare our youth for full competition starting at age 18 in Canada and age 12 in the USA.

If you have a child under the age of 18 that would like to participate please see our memberships tab.

4) CCMSA 2017 membership:

Our 2017 fees for the “Individual Membership” and ” Family Membership” remain the same. (Family memberships consist of 2 adults and any number of children under the age of 18 residing in the same home). We must have your original signature on file.

5) Capri Insurance and AEF:

The CCMSA will continue with Capri Insurance in 2017. This requires each CCMSA member to also hold a valid AEF (Alberta Equestrian federation) membership or SEF (Saskatchewan Equestrian Federation) 0r provincial equivalent that must be shown at every CCMSA event including practices. Capri insurance also provides a variety of possible add-ons for insuring tack etc. Please follow this link for more information http://albertaequestrian.com/SignUp for more information.

6) Cowboy Mounted Shooters Guidelines from the CFO:

Please find and read the attached your electronic version. Safety is our most important priority. This doc is posted on the CCMSA website under the 2017 memberships tab and can be viewed HERE.

7) CCMSA Arena Approvals 2017:

2017 (NEW) arena approvals for those wishing to host a practice, clinic, demo or competition, MUST have their arena approved. Please contact Rob at ccmsashooter@gmail.com  request an arena certification form.

2016 existing Arena Approvals: All mounted shooting facilities that were approved  the Canadian Cowboy Mounted Shooters Association in 2016 have by now been contacted via email for renewal request. Please contact us if you have any changes or questions. If you would like to have your arena approved click here for more information

8) New Members Info Sheet:

The New Members info sheet is for beginner shooters  has been updated and is posted HERE

9) Safety Meeting Sheet:

The Safety Meeting Sheet is to be reviewed at the safety meeting prior to practices and shoots  -and is posted HERE

10) A NEW Way to pay:

CCMSA will continue to accept E-transfers from your mobile device or laptop computer.  This option is available today for paying your membership, entry fees, and sponsorship. Our E-Transfer address is ccmsaetransfer@gmail.com. Be sure to email treasurer ccmsashooter@gmail.com  what your payment is for and  the passcode for CCMSA to accept it.

11)  2017 Practices and Events

All practices and upcoming 2017 Events can be found on our club website. www.canadianmountedshooters.ca with more dates to come.


Christa Paterson


Canadian Cowboy Mounted Shooters Association

Thank you!


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