2015 Results

Congratulations to the 2015



Thank you to our Buckle Sponsors!

Shauna K Level 1 Buckle

2015 L1 Champion Shauna Kamieniecki

Buckle Sponsored by Fasoli Hay Farms  


Karrie Stoneman L1 Reserve

2015 L1 Reserve Karrie Stoneman


Sharon Wickham SL1 Buckle

2015 SL1 Champion Sharon Wickham

Buckle Sponsored by Dolin Energy Services


2015 SL1 Reserve Jackie Powell 


Jon Newbery M1 Buckle

2015 M1 Champion John Newbery

Buckle Sponsored by Okotoks GM


Danny Clark M1 reserve

2015 M1 Reserve Danny Clark


Jay Stewart SL1 Buckle

2015 SM1 Champion Jay Stewart

Buckle Sponsored by  Stuckey Ranch  


denise Feenstra L2

2015 L2 Champion Denise Feenstra

Buckle Sponsored by Leischner Trucking


Tanis Newbery L2 reserve

2015 L2 Reserve Tanis Newbery


Donna Osipow SL2

2015 SL2 Champion Donna Osipow

Buckle Sponsored by Tres Rio


Janet Newbery SL2

2015 SL2 Reserve Janet Newbery   


Zane Zielke M2  

2015 M2 Champion Zane Zielke

Buckle Sponsored by TRL Trucking


Cam Fleury SM2

2015 SM2 Champion Cam Fleury

Buckle Sponsored by Stoneman Cattle


2015 SM2 Reserve Paul Lemieux


Heather McKenzie L3

2015 L3 Champion Heather McKenzie

Buckle Sponsored by CMF Firearms


Christa Paterson L3 Reserve

2015 L3 Reserve Christa Paterson


Gail Cook SL3

2015 SL3 Champion Gail Cook

Buckle Sponsored by Okotoks GM      


Cheryl La Rue SL3 reserve 

2015 SL3 Reserve Cheryl La Rue


Glen Olfert M3

2015 M3 Champion Glen Olfert

Buckle Sponsored by Fleetwood Farm


Blair Anderson M3 reserve

2015 M3 Reserve Blair Anderson


Wally Harbin SM3

2015 SM3 Champion Wally Harbin

Buckle Sponsored by Tres Rio


2015 L4 Champion Lindsay Baranyk

Buckle Sponsored by Magnum Trailer Sales


2015 L4 Reserve Sarah Harbin    


Senior Stuckey on behalf of Gene Stuckey M4

2015 M4 Champion Gene Stuckey accepted by his father Mr. Stuckey

Buckle Sponsored by Canyon Rigging


Jeff Frazier M4 reserve

2015 M4 Reserve Jeff Frazier


Lee Stuckey SM4

2015 SM4 Champion Lee Stuckey

Buckle Sponsored by the Mitchell- Woroschuk Family


2015 SM4 Reserve Greg Mathiesen


Danny Clark Rookie of the Year

2015 Rookie of the Year Danny Clark

Buckle Sponsored by Prairie Mountain Mounted Shooting Supplies


Wyatt Brown Wrangler Champion

2015 Wrangler   Champion Wyatt Brown

Buckle Sponsored by Christa Paterson   








Shooters WANTED  for SHOOTING CLEAN 2015 !!

The list of Clean shoot “offenders” …

CCMSA Bob-a-palooza: Gene Stuckey, Jim Thomas, Bill Burrell, Janet Stephen, Jackie Powell

AMSA Northlands: Cheryl LaRue

AMSA Wild West Show: Heather McKenzie, Gail Cook, Ken Kusk

CCMSA Spur West: Lindsey Baranyk, Wally Harbin, Darren Stoneman, Shauna Kamieniecki

CCMSA Blazing Pistols: Shauna Kamieniecki, Lee Stuckey, Christa Paterson, Aliena Mitchell-Woroschuk, John Newbery

SCMSA: 3rd Annual Trails End Shoot: Glen Olfert, Lucas Thiessen

CCMSA Stettler Steel Wheel JP: Cheryl LaRue, Aliena Mitchell-Woroschuk, John Newbery, Tanis Newbery,Twyla Stuckey

BCMSA Long Horn Hammer Down: Todd Hemmerling, Lindsay Baranyk

AMSA Ponderosa City: Lee Stuckey, Gene Stuckey, Heather McKenzie, Lindsay Baranyk, Myrna Anderson, Tanis Newbery, Russell Seely, Denise Feenstra

AMSA Thorsby: Sarah Harbin, Glen Olfert,, Niels Lausten, Lindsay Baranyk, Heather McKenzie, Gail Cook, Jackie Powell, Sharon Wickham, Louise Hillingsoe, Chris Walter, Doug Wickham

BCMSA Viking: Harold Oliver, Duncan MacMillan, Rick Goulet, Bobbie Wallace

AMSA Northern Rebels: Lee Stuckey, Gary Couch, Paul Lemieux, Lindsay Baranyk, Christa Paterson, Darrell Dufresne, Duncan MacMillan, Heather McKenzie, Gail Cook, Myrna Anderson, Sheryl Kusk, Terry Peck, Denise Feenstra, Danny Clark, Chris Walter, Aliena Mitchell-Woroschuk

BCMSA Vermillion: Niels Lausten, Duncan MacMillan, Cheryl LaRue, Janet Newbery, Dale Albrecht, Lousie Hilligsoe

BCMSA Irma: Sarah Harbin, Holly Schuk, Rick Goulet, Duncan MacMillan

AMSA WhiteCourt: Terry Peck, Christa Paterson, Holly Schuk, John Newbery, Gene Stuckey, Debra Rowney, Shirley Mazeppa, Cam Fleury, Duncan MacMillan

AMSA Mayerthorpe: Sarah Harbin, Holly Schuk, Christa Paterson, Wally Harbin, Cheryl LaRue, Gail Cook, Bruce Williams, Tanis Newbery, Shauna Kamieniecki, Donna Osipow, Louise Hilligsoe, Sharon Wickham

BCMSA Lloydminster: Sarah Harbin, Christa Paterson, Bruce Williams, Dale Albrecht

CCMSA Fleury of Bullets : Sarah Harbin, Gene Stuckey, Jim MacIntyre, Charl Duvenage, Gail Cook, Billy Burrell, Tamara Berezay

CCMSA Prairie Mtn Thunder: Cancelled due to rain

Darren Stoneman Clean Shoot Winner of the 357

AND THE DRAW WINNER OF THE 357 Magnum From Bartons Big Country Outdoors was Darren Stoneman!


Fleury of Bullets Results

Aug 28,29 2015

Overall By Main Match CLICK HERE

Overall by Class CLICK HERE

Shotgun  – Limited was Cam Fleury / Open was Gary Couch

Rifle  – Limited Blair Anderson / Open Jeff Frzier

Clean Shooters:!! Jim MacIntyre,  Gail Cook, Bill Burrell,

Bob Irwin, Sarah Harbin, Gene Stuckey, Charl Duvenage, Tamara Berezay


Steel Wheel Jackpot Results

June 14 2015

Overall By Main Match CLICK HERE

Overall by Class CLICK HERE

Overall Shotgun  – Limited was Cam Fleury / Open was Niels Lausten

Overall Rifle  – Open was Niels Lausten

Clean Shooters:!! John Newbery, Tanis Newbery, Aliena Michell-Woroschuk,

Twyla Stuckey, Cheryl LaRue!!


Blazing Pistols Competition Results

May 30,31 2015

Overall By Main Match CLICK HERE

Overall by Class CLICK HERE

Overall Shotgun  – Limited  / Open CLICK HERE

Overall Rifle  – Limited  / Open CLICK HERE

Double Down CLICK HERE

Clean Shoot CLICK HERE


Best At Spur West Competition Results

May 9,10 2015

Overall By Main Match CLICK  HERE Page 1   & Page 2

Overall by Class CLICK HERE Page 1 & Page 2

Overall Shotgun and Rifle  – Limited  / Open CLICK HERE


Bob-a-palooza Jackpot Results

March 15 2015

Overall By Main Match CLICK HERE

Overall by Class CLICK HERE

Overall Shotgun – Limited  / Open CLICK HERE

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